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Billing for LCMHCA under supervision



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  • Brandy Rogers

    In my experience the answer to your questions varies by insurance company. I do this with Cigna in Georgia. They have been the only insurance company to provide me with a specific policy so they are the only ones I will do this with. I would not recommend doing this unless you have the insurance company's policy about how to bill it. In Cigna's policy it states that if the Supervised clinician is following state laws to practice legally then they can be billed under a credentialed practitioner. In Georgia we have all LAPC's contracted with a clinical supervisor (which may be outside of our practice) and a Director which does more of the administrative oversight within the practice. I will bill as the Director for LAPC's knowing that my associate therapists are under proper supervision and following the laws to practice but only because the policy is clear about this. 

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