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Taxionomy codes



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  • Sara

    Hi Daisy,

    Currently, SimplePractice only allows for one taxonomy that populates onto the claim in box 33b for billing. For a practice that bills with separate taxonomy codes, the best workflow is to manually change.
    What I would recommend, is updating the taxonomy code in your Settings (Settings > Billing and Services > Insurance). Then batch claim file all claims with that taxonomy code (Billing > Insurance). You can select the claims or clients in which you want to submit those claims for. Then go back to your Settings, and update the taxonomy for an insurance payer, navigate back to the Unbilled claims page, and batch submit claims for that payer.
    While this workflow will still take some manual editing within your settings, it is more efficient than manually editing each claim as you create them. Our team continues to actively explore ways to advance our platform, and this includes improvement to billing for insurance. While we don't currently have the option to bill with multiple taxonomy codes we greatly appreciate this insight from your practice. If you have time, I would also encourage you to add this to our Ideas and Suggestions board.

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