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Secondary claim



  • Kathleen Burke

    You can only file a secondary claim once the primary claim is finalized. Once finalized, if you open the claim there should be the option to file secondary claim, even if the secondary insurance was added to SP after you already filed the primary claim.

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  • Admin Caprece & David

    I had the same issue but I realized it was because they got a new primary that we added to the system. 

    The insurance and ID number that was billed for the original claims needs to be the one marked as primary in the system in order for the "create secondary claim" to pop up.

    Once I switched it to the old primary that matched the claim I needed to submitted to secondary, the button popped up immediately. 

    Not sure if this solves your issue, but I hope it helps someone else that is searching for an answer to this like I was. 

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