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write offs



  • Nicole Bennett

    yes - same question. and if so, how do we generate a report of write offs for said tax deductions.

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  • Harley Strickland

    and how do we view all write offs? there used to be a function in reports appointment status but that has been removed

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  • Wendy Belding


    Usually not.  It depends on if your accounting is "cash" or "accrual."  99% of people are "cash" accounting.  In that case, write-offs don't matter.  You only report actual cash paid and only need to figure actual cash paid (for accounting/taxes).

    If you are "accrual" accounting, then you report the full amount charged each period, and subsequently need to adjust down to the amount paid.  That's where the write-off comes in (in terms of accounting/taxes).

    Write-offs are still important to track in S/P even if your accounting is cash because a session isn't "closed out" until it is "zero'd out" meaning:

    "Client Payments (if any) + Insurance Payments (if any) + Write Off (if any) = Amount Charged."

    The session will still show as "open" until the above is met.

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  • Maddison Adimora

    In a previous thread there was a comment made by a simple practice biller that stated that we would receive an end-of-the year tax document that will include write-offs. Is this to be true?

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