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Updating treatment plans without deleting the old one



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  • Sara

    Hi Patricia,

    To do this, you can navigate to the client's Overview page select + Create New > Diagnosis & Treatment plan from the client's overview:

    You then have the option to select Load Previous to upload the client's previous treatment plan, and make any desired edits as needed. The client's original treatment plan will remain with their previous goals, and the version with recent edits will become the client's active treatment plan. 
    The option to select Edit will only appear on Diagnosis & Treatment plans that have not already been locked. If you see a treatment plan was already locked and signed, you will be unable to select Edit, unless it is Unlocked. 

    If you would like to update a locked and signed treatment plan, I would recommend following the steps outlined above to Create a New Treatment plan from the previous. Alternatively, you can unlock the treatment plan so that you can make edits. Only the team member who locked and signed the note or the Account Owner can unlock notes in these cases.

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