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Clearinghouse contact information



  • Jordan Berry

    Same for BCBS in Arizona. Simple Practice says to contact SimplePractice but who? where? how?

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  • William McCracken

    We also need to know this information - filling out Echo.

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  • Jordan Berry

    Received this helpful response from SimplePractice:

    It sounds like you're trying to submit an enrollment to be able to receive payment reports (ERAs) through our system but you're submitting that enrollment directly with the payer, correct?


    If so, this is not necessary. All you need to do is file your enrollment to receive payment reports through SimplePractice. We have an existing connection with the insurance payer Blue Cross Blue Shield of AZ (payer ID: 53589) and you can submit claims to this payer right away in SimplePractice.


    However, this article will show you how to submit your enrollment for payment reports (ERAs) directly through your SimplePractice account: Submitting enrollments for claim filing and payment reports. Enrollment is the process of informing your client's insurance company that you plan to submit electronic claims via SimplePractice and/or that you wish to receive electronic EOB's (or payment reports).


    You can search for Blue Cross Blue Shield of AZ (payer ID: 53589) by navigating to Settings > Insurance.

    Once the enrollment has been accepted, you'll be able to receive ERAs from Blue Cross Blue Shield of AZ through your account. To learn more about, please refer to this Help Center guide: Enrollment FAQs.
    I don't want you to submit our clearinghouse's information and have that stall the process of you getting your claims processed and paid correctly within SimplePractice. Therefore, the best thing to do in this case would be to submit an enrollment through SimplePractice. Thank you for your understanding.

    Once you submit your enrollment, our clearinghouse will take care of the rest and will make sure to create that connection with the payer.


    We will email you when you enrollment has been completed or if there are any other steps needed from you in order to complete this process.

    However, if you'd still like our clearinghouse's information, I've pasted it below:
    Clearinghouse Company Name - Eligible, Inc.
    Clearinghouse Contact First Name - Katelyn
    Clearinghouse Contact Last Name - Gleason
    Clearinghouse Contact Job Title - CEO
    Clearinghouse Contact Phone Number - 415-237-1679
    Clearinghouse Contact Email Address -
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  • Linda Hayes

    The clearinghouse contact information provided here was 6 months ago. Is it still accurate?

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  • Judith Ward

    Ditto the question asked above!! Is the Clearinghouse still Eligible? Or is it CHC1??

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  • Kristy Eggen

    I love how Simple Practice sidesteps this question EVERYWHERE!! No one is asking for ERA information -- we are asking for the information every single insurance company asks for Electronic Funds Transfer because it is 2023 and no one wants hard checks anymore that take forever to get to you.  Get with it Simple Practice.  Seriously... so you don't give out information until people get upset and you don't make it easy to answer simple questions like... what is your contact information (for ERA issues).  And the most recent answer to this is to "take care of billing for us" pffffttt...  at a cost that is on par with group practice.  I've about had it with Simple Practice.  

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  • Leah Suddarth

    AMEN Kristy!  This system is so messed up.

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  • Anna Moriarty

    The fees that are being charged through SimplePractice are already astronomical, now to be paying 2.5% to not receive paperchecks is unacceptable.  Please advise!

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  • Anna Moriarty


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  • Christina Peterson

    Anyone know the "electronic remittance advice vendor" information for the ECHO ERA enrollment form?

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  • Kimberly Pratt

    I found this on another post while I was trying to fill out the ECHO ERA enrollment form. I hope this helps.


    • EHR Vendor: SimplePractice
    • EHR Vendor Product & Version: SimplePractice is a SaaS product, and does not use version numbering due to a continuous deployment process.
    • Hosting Location: Cloud-based
    • EHR Vendor Contact Name: Martin Ignatovski
    • EHR Vendor Contact Email:
    • EHR Vendor Contact Phone Number: 424.571.5771
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  • Jessica Frick

    I called Echo and received this form in my email: 

    In there it states that if you don't have a specific contact, you can just enter "Customer Service" or something similar.

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