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Family Therapy with 3 or more adults



  • Mikayla Weathers

    Hello- this is exactly what I am searching for. Did you figure out how to do it?

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  • Danielle Levanas

    I am having the exact same problem. Has anyone found a fix?

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  • Troy Zaslove

    Also looking for feedback on best practices with doing family therapy in SP.

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  • Shelley Stretch

    I am in need as well. Is this not an option in SP? 

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  • Joelle Ehre

    There is not a straightforward way to do this.  I'm working with 4 people who are in 2 couples, so I set up 2 separate couple profiles, each with that couple's personal and billing information. Then I set up a "Group" profile using a "couple" contact template and entering the names of one member of each couple.   I bill each couple for their portion through their separate couple profiles and keep all clinical notes in the Group Profile. I can send a Telehealth invite from the Group profile, since the members of each couple are in the same location (so only 3 Telehealth screens).  I schedule multiple sessions for the same hour, entering "$0" as the fee for the "Group." That way each couple is automatically billed separately and I just indicate in the separate couple notes that "clinical notes are in the Group file." One complication is that the total number of sessions in the reports section for each month is not accurate (because I'm scheduling 2-3 sessions for the same hour). Hope that makes sense. I assume you could do the same thing by connecting individual profiles of multiple people. It wouldn't be as much of a problem for in-person sessions.

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  • Jennifer Trudgeon

    I am also looking for some clarification on this.  There is no easy way to set up a new account for a family.  Would love for simple practice to create this feature. 

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  • Abeke Baker

    I'm paying too much for this to be a problem that many other to be having and it not be fixed. I have complained for about 3 years.

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    I would also like the option for the "client" being 3 or more adult family members meeting together.  

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