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Reuse credit card for family members



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  • Sara

    Hi Kathleen,

    I see that you were able to create a Help Request to receive an answer to this. I will go ahead and repost the answer below for others to see:

    If the existing client (i.e. parent) is the individual who will be paying for the other family members' appointments, you can add this client as a contact to all newly created family members. Once you've added the existing client as a contact, you can set them as responsible for billing in the new family members' accounts. Any billing documents sent to the family members will be forwarded directly to the existing contact. 
    To add the existing client as a contact for their family member(s):

    • Navigate to the new family member's client Overview page
    • Click Edit > Contacts
    • Click Add Contact in the upper righthand corner
    • Type in the name of the existing client (with card on file) and select their name 
    • Edit the information as needed and click Save
    • In the flyout window click Manage Client Portal & Billing
    • Check the box for Responsible for billing
    • You can repeat these steps for each of the family members 

    If the existing client is already a contact for the family member you can set them as responsible for billing by navigating to the client's Overview page > Edit > Contacts and clicking on Manage > Manage Client Portal & Billing. Check the box for Responsible for billing and click Save. 
    For more information on editing and managing contacts, I'd recommend checking out this Help Center guide: Managing contacts

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