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Subtracting Stripe Fees from Income Allocation Report



  • Clayton Egli

    Agreed! Our group practice has been asking for this for about a year now. We really need an efficient way to know which Stripe Card payments (fees) go with which clinician. We spend hours, in preparation for paychecks, just typing in and searching each client name to see which clinician the payment belongs to. It seems like this would be a minor adjustment to include clinician name along with the other basic info in a Card Transactions export (Excel file).  PLEASE HELP!

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  • Dr. Sean Stokes

    I am in agreement with the above comments.  CHASE (and other banks who process credit cards) have a monthly total that is shown on the bank statement detailing exactly how much the account holder was charged regarding processing fees.  I would like to see STRIPE and Simple Practice incorporate this. 

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  • Victoria Holroyd, PhD

    My group practice now has over 20 employees and this is an essential feature. I am looking for answers to this dilemma as well as researching alternative EHRs. After 8 years with Simple Practice I would consider leaving if the accounting for the Administrative Team continues to be cumbersome.

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  • Ellen Hart

    I am feeling this as well.  We cannot grow without this feature, and this software is not cheap.  My husband is a data analyst and says that it is a crazy simple fix on their end.  They are also not responding to this question or any question about stripe fees in any of the threads.  I feel that since it is a simple fix that they have simply decided not to.  Unacceptable.

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  • Alicia L. Goodman

    I agree, but I do not see any reply to the question?

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  • Brittany Hewitt

    Simple Practice can we PLEASE get an update on this? This is a must have feature.

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  • Rebecca Stahl

    I very much need  this feature as well. It is not possible to grow within SimplePractice  without it!

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  • Simone Nagle

    SP, please respond, we need the ability to get this info for our CPAs/bookkeeping.

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  • Cassandra Elledge

    There is already a Card Transaction Fee Report that can be downloaded. But it does NOT list clinician so we create one for each clinician by copying the report then deleting rows of clients that don't belong to the said clinician. It does seem like it would be a very easy fix to just add Clinician.

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  • Marta Curry

    how do we download a card transaction fee report? Thank you in advance!!

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