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Superbill showing an old diagnosis as 2nd diagnosis



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  • Sara

    Hi Nechama,

    For some initial context, the client's diagnosis and treatment plan will apply to all of a client's appointments after the date and time stamp of the diagnosis and treatment plan. For example, if you have ten appointments after a specific Diagnosis & Treatment Plan, all ten appointments will be populated with that plan. For more reference, you can look at the time stamps of each logged activity as a way to track when the diagnosis have been created. 
    With this in mind, any superbills for appointments that took place between the time of the first diagnosis and the second diagnosis will reflect the first diagnosis. Any superbills made after the date and time of the second diagnosis will reflect only the second diagnosis. 

    In this case, if the superbill contains appointments with a wide enough date range, it is possible that it is also populating with the client's previous diagnosis since that is the diagnosis that is applied to the appointments on the superbills. 

    You have the option of updating the time stamp of a Diagnosis & Treatment Plan to reflect the correct appointment sessions.  To do so, navigate to the correct Diagnosis & Treatment Plan >  Edit > Date & Time of Diagnosis. Here you can enter the correct time stamp. You would enter the time stamp that is prior to the correct appointment sessions listed on the superbill.

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