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Auto-populating treatment goals into progress notes?



  • Betsey M. Davis

    I completely agree!  That was the feature I loved from Therapynotes as well.  I created my own progress note and included a section for that, but it's a pain to do this.  I wish Simple Practice would implement this.  

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  • Shona K. Maddocks

    Now the dropdown to access treatment plans from the note don't appear, so I can't even copy and paste. I agree with the other comments. There should be a way for the goals and objective to repopulate into progress notes. I like that another EHR also gave practiioners multiple choice options to indicate progress. 

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  • Ebony Holly

    I fully agree. I was just going to request that this be put in. Adding this feature would make it easier to establish the "golden thread" for insurance documentation. How do we go about prompting Simple Practice to add this? 

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  • Rebecca Nystrom

    I, too, would like to have this feature available. It would be great if our treatment plan goals could auto-populate the session note. It would also be great if the discharge summary auto-populated with the start date, the number of sessions, and the current diagnosis (all information should be editable for accuracy). 

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  • Mary Corelli

    Has there been any update on this? It would be best practice, in my opinion, to have an option to auto-populate the treatment objectives into progress notes.

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