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How do you deal with clients with outstanding balances?


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  • Kathleen Burke

    Hi Ana, my partner and I looked into this as well. I don't know what you consider "really high outstanding balances," but I discovered that, in general, collection agencies don't want to get involved unless the balance is at least $1000, and this only involves mailings and phone calls. For a collection agency to take legal action, the debt is usually at least $5000. It's a lot of work to collect a debt, so they don't want to put in the effort if they're not going to recover enough money to justify that effort. Additionally, many new laws have been passed that limits the actions they can take to collect a debt.

    I don't know what type of practice you have, but we try to minimize non-payment by contacting insurance companies to verify coverage prior to a client's first visit. If the client has a high deductible, or visits will be telemedicine, we almost insist they provide us with a credit card.

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