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Creating a Family Client in SP



  • Jennifer Trudgeon

    I would love to have come clarification on this as well.  The only options currently are minor, adult, and couple.  Thank you for asking this question.

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  • James Guay

    Yes, I'm wondering how to set up simple practice for a new throuple client (3 people in a relationship).  Please let us know.

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  • Erica Thomas

    I am also looking for some clarification on this post. Thank you!

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  • Rachel Waggoner, NCC, LPCC-S


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  • Ellen McGuinness

    Yes, please Simple Practice give us a way to manage family clients!!

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  • Doris Santiago

    Please provide a solution. We should be able to schedule them all together, bill the responsible party and create one progress note per session. I currently have a family of four I am needing to create in SP. The mother has a file already she is wanting to begin family counseling with her children. 

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  • Madeleine Serhal, BSc, MC, Registered Psychotherapist #12481

    Agreed! Please create a family profile option - that would be extremely beneficial for many of us who work with families! 

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  • Beth Wolff

    Simple Practice, Please reply. Family clients are common in clinical practices. Please help us create a family unit as a client. Thank you. 

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  • Kjirstin Glessner

    I too have the question of how to set up a family. In my case, one is a minor under 12, on is a minor above 12, and then one adult, so there are differing needs of who signs what.  Please help! 

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  • Donald Durham

    You continue to ignore this issue! Family therapy is a huge percentage of any mental health practice! Charting on three different children is not only time-intense, but it is actually clinically inaccurate! The children were not seen individually, and the dynamic when all together is part of what should be charted on! How is the sibling sub-system different when in the presence of the parent sub-system, or not? How do you chart that meaningfully in any one individual's note?

    It would be only professional for you to at least tell us where you are in the process of addressing this issue.

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  • Daria Hoey

    Adding my practice's voice to this. This is a HUGE oversight from a platform that's generally so otherwise at the forefront of the telehealth field. Come on, SP, give us a solution!

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  • London Christiansen

    Also adding to this thread. MFTs are huge users of SP and literally in the license title "Marriage and FAMILY therapist". We need this feature ASAP please. 

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  • Leanne Murphy

    The radio silence on this issue is a little alarming. As a marriage and family therapist I can’t find a way to keep notes that are clinically accurate for a family client. I am seriously considering switching platforms.

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  • Kylia Clark

    I have this question as well! How am I supposed to create a chart for a family I"m meeting with who has adult children? There needs to be more options than just adult, child, or couple. 

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  • Chelsea Fielder-Jenks

    I have the same problem. Any solution yet? Thank you!

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  • Richard A. Ashby

    Due to Simple Practice's lack of group and family notes, I just had to recommend Therapy Notes to a local private practice agency. This thread is at least a year old at this point, and still nothing. Even the hot mess EHRs over at Netsmart and TherapyBrands have group notes, Simple Practice needs to fix this. 

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  • Brent Peak

    I just went looking for this feature and couldn't find it. I come here and see that SP has ignored the issue for a year. Very disappointing.

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  • Adrienne Gibson

    Hmmmm...I am bummed to see that this is an issue and there still is no workaround.  I find myself in the same boat, I opened up two teen clients and then parent decided they would prefer family counseling. There is no option to merge them into a family as the one client. It is time for this to be looked into and addressed.  Yes, many clinicians do family work. 

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  • Ryan Moore

    +1 to add ability to manage families.

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  • Jody Schultz, LMFT, CST, M.Ed.

    UGH! So No response? I'm also an LMFT and need a way to do families.  How have any MFT's navigated this on Simple Practice?

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  • Laura Melgosa

    And Simple Practice brags about being the BEST platform out there.  We pay the highest prices out there and they can't even respond.  This is another reason for me to look at leaving this platform.  What a disrespectful way to treat paying customers!  


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  • Joanne S. Rupert MA LPC NBCC

    If anyone from SP is reading these posts, please can you respond and acknowledge that this issue is or is not being worked on. It's hard to believe that this particular request is unusual or significantly difficult, especially learning that your competitors offer this ability. It's basic 101-for any therapy practice...please SP - take steps to incorporate this group/family option!! 

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  • Leanne Murphy

    Not having the functionality is one thing, but there is no excuse for not responding.
    The only action available here is our own, so for me, no response on a fix means no choice other than to leave the platform.

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  • Laura Melgosa

    I agree Leanne..... as soon as I can identify a platform that takes care of the more important aspects of my practice, I'm ending my subscription with Simple Practice.  Joanne, I'm curious as to which competitors offer this ability?  The sad thing is, the initial few who may leave SP may not make a difference to SP, however with time, there will be more colleagues taking a stand and leaving; and not quietly.  


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  • Pandora Johnson

    I also need to set up family client profiles

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  • Danielle Theriault

    I see posts from 2+ years ago asking for this feature. Seems crazy that SP hasn't added this yet! Family therapy is pretty standard practice, and adding this feature doesn't seem like it would be that hard (just like couples, but with more people). On that note-- what about cnm and poly- couples where there are more than 2 partners??? 

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  • Jose Torres-Oyama

    ---->Below is the response I received from a support person, I hope this helps.<-----

    "For context, we are currently working on new features including Enhanced Client Management for Groups to make working with families and other groups easier within SimplePractice. In the meantime, there are a couple of options for setting up group appointments:

    1. In this case, I recommend creating a single "group" profile and adding each member as a contact within that profile. This way, you can schedule appointments and update documentation for the group as a whole (by default) or per individual (with some customization).
    2. Alternatively, you can set up each group member with their own client profile. This way, you can create coinciding appointments for each participant while keeping everyone's charts separate.

    Option 1: One "Group" Profile
    Setup: To create a single "group" profile where you can schedule appointments and update documentation for the group as a whole, you can follow these steps:

    1. Create a new "shell" profile not associated with any one participant in particular using the + Create Client workflow
    2. Then, add each group member as a contact via this new profile's Edit > Contacts > Add Contact
    3. Finally, you share your paperwork with each participant as you would for a couple client

    Scheduling & Reminders: When scheduling family appointments, you can schedule one appointment under the family profile as you would with any other client or couple. You can set up each family member to receive their own appointment reminders via the family's Edit > Contacts > Manage > Edit Appointment Reminders.
    Documentation: By default, documentation added to this profile will apply to the whole family. If you'd like more individualized documentation you can utilize notes and forms templates, such as a custom progress note template with separate fields for each family member.
    Billing: Allowing one contact to be Responsible for billing, will allow their name to be on the billing documents as needed. For more information, you can refer to this Help Center guide: Managing and editing Couple Profiles.
    Option 2: Separate Client Profiles
    Setup: If you'd prefer to keep every group member's profile completely separate, you can instead set each of them up with their own individual client profiles:

    1. Create a client profile for each member using the + Create Client workflow
    2. In order to send paperwork to every participant, each profile should be associated with a unique email address and set up with Client Portal access
    3. Finally, you can send your paperwork to each participant as you would for any other client

    Scheduling & Reminders: When scheduling family appointments, you can schedule separate appointments at the same day and time for each family member.
    Documentation: When updating documentation, you'll be able to add participant-specific notes to each profile.
    Billing: You can submit a claim for one to all individuals associated with the group, if need be. For more information, you can refer to this Help Center guide: Creating batch claims.

    Additional Resources
    For additional details, I encourage you to visit our Help Center to view the follow guides:

    Please let me know if you have any further questions that I can help you with.

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  • Cara Coro

    I see families, but also have some of the family members as individual. How do I set up a minor when the parents are both clients. Simple Practice will not allow me to use the parents email because it is already in use. 

    Thank you

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  • Brendan Owens

    I agree with Cara Coro.  Please advise

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