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Edit Superbill and/or Multiple Telehealth POS



  • Sean Dodge

    I second this request and would add a third option, which is to set a default Place of Service per client, instead of per office location. Given that different insurances want different codes the POS is more client/insurance-specific than practice specific. If we could set the default POS up similar to how we setup a default service per client and then have superbills and insurance claims pull that POS that would be immensely helpful! 

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  • Kira Stein MD

    Sometimes when I do teleheath, patients are located at home (POS 10), or at  another personal location in the same state (POS 2).  It would be nice to be able to easily change the default location for a particular appointment on the appointment screen, so the proper POS shows up.  RIght now there is only 1 POS that can be set up for virtual visits which is a problem.

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  • Mary Jane Carlin

    How do I change my POS telehealth codes from 10 to 2?

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  • Cheryl Rau

    I'm having the same trouble.  My POS defaulted to O2 and needs to be 11.  I changed it in the system and that was successful but it's still not showing up on the new Superbill for the client.  It continues to read 02.  Please help. 

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  • Sinan Duzyurek

    I would like these problems answered satisfactorily before I get on with simple practice as this is such a key matter foer me.

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