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Outstanding Balances Report Inaccurate




  • Stephanie Adrian

    I just realized this as well!  It's very confusing.  It seems to be calculating client's payments overall against their charges for the selected timeframe giving the impression that they have a negative balance.  

    Following for answers!

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  • Rachel Chazen

    Agreed- it seems clients who cancel less than 24 hours have a negative outstanding balance for the missed session. 

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  • Suzanne Muirheid

    Same issue! The previous report was much more clear. Now, I'm not sure how to easily see clients who are carrying a balance and need to be charged.

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  • Office Management

    Hello, this new report is not helpful as we need to see both self pay and insurance pay reports on the same report for the same clients. We're going to do much more work to figure out outstanding balances if this isn't fixed. The same client may change payment types in the middle of their therapy, so splitting it between self pay and insurance pay is not helpful. It should all be on the same report as before. Please revert to the old report. 

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  • Sara

    Hi Everyone,

    Just to provide some more clarity in the Outstanding Balances report, the ...More button doesn't exist in the new enhancement of the report. Currently, we don't have plans to change this report back; however, you can always go to your Analytics > Reports > Appointment Status Report and choose to see "all appointments," "paid," or "unpaid appointments." Here's more on the Appointmennt Status Report:

    Additionally, if you notice a difference between your Outstanding Balance Overview and the Outstanding Balances Report, please try to adjust the date range to include all dates of service. If that doesn’t clear up the discrepancy, please reach out to our Customer Success Team for further investigation by creating a Help Request. Click on the ? icon in your account > Ask Questions > No > Contact Support > Send an Email Request.

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