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  • Jo A. Elbert

    I had this problem before. They reached out to me, but the response was not even what I needed, and I just thought who needs this aggravation. I hope someone can answer this. I know I accidently figured it out before but for the life of me cannot remember what I did. It was super simple to fix. I am about ready to go back to therapy notes. A lot less headache. Also, I don't know what happens, but my paperwork for some of my clients has just disappeared. This has also happened to someone else I know. I hope they can provide a simple solution; I know the response I got before did nothing to help. It was actually more confusing. I am having it again. Not every client wants to give credit card information or to run the card on file so that is not an option.


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  • Kathleen Burke

    When you're in the client's main page, is there a Client Credit under Billing Overview in the upper-right corner? That's the only reason I can think of as to why the invoice would automatically be marked Paid. If there is a credit, you're probably going to want to analyze your accounting for the client to find out why.

    If there is indeed a client credit and you want to create a no-show invoice, first create a temporary invoice for the entire amount of the client credit. Once the Client Balance is $0 under the Billing Overview, you can then create your invoice for the no-show without it being marked Paid. Once that is complete, delete the temporary invoice you made. The client credit will return, and your no-show invoice will remain unpaid until you manually add a payment for it.

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