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  • Alinda Gary

    This is what I came on here to say as well!  This new billing interface requires many many clicks with my fingers and also does not work well.

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  • Sara

    Hi Shaunna,

    Partial payments can be made with the new billing workflow. Since you can now apply partial payments directly to new invoices, this will only work with invoices created since the update took effect in your account. I recommend deleting and re-creating any invoices in your account that you would like to apply a partial payment to.

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  • Alinda Gary

    This really is a lot of extra work and I do not wish to have more things to do at this point in my life.  I bought this program because it was easy.  I'm not sure I understand why this change occurred.  I also do not understand this weird unallocated funds bit.  Why would funds be sitting in a little pocket unallocated when there is a balance due?  

    I also wish that there was some streamlined way of looking at patient balances and just checking the ones off you want to charge instead of having to click individually on each patient 3 times to make a payment, then have to try to go back and re-create a report of each patient who has a balance that needs to be charged.  There were too many clicks necessary before this update and now with this update there are many more.  It is frustrating and as a long-time user, I am dissatisfied with this product update.
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  • Paige Majko

    I agree! Why was the payment process changed? It was not broke in fact it was working very well. I have yet to receive direction on how to do a split payment. I am not able to type in half of the payment b/c the system tells me "the total payment cannot be less than the balance"

    I am needing to do two payments with two different cards on the same client. 

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  • Yvette Goulet

    Re-creating invoices will STILL NOT allow you to apply the unallocated amount unless it matches the total amount due of the invoice. If the unallocated amount is less than the invoice a green payment box pops up and will not allow you to post only the available credit without making an additional payment to zero out the invoice balance. I don't know WHO thought this one through, obviously it wasn't someone who actually does billing.  

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  • Katheryn Barton

    Is there an answer on how to charge 2 different cards for one session???

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  • Stephanie E. Perez

    Agree with the above comments.  This has created extra work for me, the allocation bit is confusing and I don’t want to spend time trying to mess with it.  I cant do partial payments and the extra clicks are not helpful and are actually painful (for those with carpal tunnel problems).  Please allow an opt out option for those of us who wish to revert to automated allocations.

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