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Unallocated payments and invoice creation




  • Maryelizabeth LeBoeuf

    Same!  Allocating the payments after depositing paper checks is proving to be very tricky.  My clients are showing credits in their accounts when I have not received a check or payment yet from insurance.  It is so confusing.  

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  • Kelly Michaels-Hughes

    Same!   How do i reconcile all the unallocated payments for Virtual card payments from insurance companies?    There is no invoice to create and apply it to.    This is an accounting nightmare


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  • Andrew Greene

    This IS an accounting nightmare! And we have clients that are requesting super bills. This was never a problem before the most recent update, what gives? I've spent an hour trying to figure it out, ended up here, still no answers.

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  • Sara
    Hi everyone,
    We wanted to address some of the recent comments on this new billing update to clarify a few things and hopefully answer some of these questions and concerns. Our goal with this update was to give you control and flexibility over how payments get allocated and transparency into how payments were allocated. By giving you power, you also have the responsibility to make those allocations which can take more time, however, on our Ideas and Suggestions Board, one of the biggest request was for applying payments to specific invoices. With this, you now have the responsibility to make payment allocations since this is no longer automated for you. The client's balance is all invoice charges minus all client payments, meaning the actual allocation is no longer relevant. So if you have an invoice for $100 and a payment for $100 but you haven't allocated them, the balance is $0 but you still need to do the allocation. Enabling AutoPay will automatically make these allocations for you. In regards to partial payments, if you need to add a partial payment to a previous invoice, you will need to delete and recreate it since the ability to allocate partial payments is a new feature and therefore only works with invoices created since the update.
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