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Scheduling Group Therapy Appointments with Multiple Clients



  • Savannah Hipes

    I would also love for this feature to be added to SP! I've noticed that SP uses have been requesting this for years, so I hope it's at least in the works!

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  • Michael Elder

    I agree.  Even if I have to use Zoom for the actual group, having the notes and billing through SP would be very useful.  In this day of MH service shortage, the need for group sessions is grater than ever.

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  • Amy NP-B.C.

    Any update on scheduling groups at the same appointment time? I need to make this available for clients to self schedule

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  • Matthew Shima

    A must have feature.

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  • Mary Eason

    So there is no group therapy feature?

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  • Heather Grinar

    Group feature would be great. We are able to have couples attend from separate places why not be able to create a group?

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  • Bobbi Teasley

    Our entire business is groups, this would streamline things significantly


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  • Deborah Bressler

    It just makes sense that scheduling and billing for groups should be a part of Simple practice.  I don't see one response from SP on this!!!



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  • Sharon Prager

    They are in the process of creating this for the end of the second quarter or the beginning of the third quarter of 2024. This was acknowledged and discussed during their last "New Features and Roadmap Round up" You can find the details here: New Features Round-up and Roadmap | SimplePractice Product Webinar (

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