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Need two telehealth locations



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  • Sara

    Hi Rae,

    Telehealth in SimplePractice works as a separate location for your practice as it provides links for secure appointments. Since Telehealth works differently than other locations, there is not currently an option to maintain two Telehealth locations that can create secure appointment links.
    If certain unique Telehealth location codes are needed for the client's billing, you can set up additional locations with that assigned code and manually add the location after the appointment or on the claim. To set up these alternate locations, you can go to Settings > My Practice > Locations > Add Location. The Insurance Place of Service can be updated for appointments in two areas: the calendar Homepage when selecting the specific appointment, or box 24B in CMS 1500 claim forms.
    When updating the place of service via the calendar homepage, you can:

    • Select the appointment on the calendar
    • Select the location found under the clinician's name (included below)
    • Select the appropriate location for billing
    • Click Done to save any changes

    When updating the Insurance Place of Service via the claim, you can:

    • Navigate to client's Overview page
    • Select the Billing overview page
    • Select the prior claim, or create a new claim by selecting New > Claim/CMS1500
    • Update the Place of Service in box 24B of the claim (included below)
    • Click Save or Submit to save any changes

    We love feedback and ideas for ways to advance the platform. I recommend voting on this Ideas and Suggestions Board post: Two Telehealth Locations


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