Does your biller work with SimplePractice? Share their information here! Pinned Featured
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Introduce yourself! Pinned Featured
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SOAP note requiring little writing
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Great Way to Track Incoming Calls Featured
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Plea to keep the calendar sync option for $69 plan
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Ultimate, Mother-of-All Intake Questionnaires
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Client portal not received by client
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Mac Big Sur OS Update and Static on Telehealth
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Family Session
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Custom Forms and Font Preferences
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Consent to Use Telehealth for Psychotherapy
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Free Telehealth Training
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Re-sending forms to a new client after I made a mistake in his email address
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Is the system for telehealth down?
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Gottman Method: Oral History Interview and Individual Interview Forms
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Patient Face Sheet for Referrals
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dsm 5 cross cutting measures Adult and Children
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BDI - Beck Depression Inventory (the original, public-domain release)
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Can't edit the Referred By section on my client's info page
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"Informed Consent for Psychotherapy" Intake Form
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accessing inactive client information
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DBT Progress Note template
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C-SSRS: Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale
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Coordinating reports/billing with Headway
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does any one know how to add a signature
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How to delete clients and sessions on unbilled appointments/submit claims page?
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COVID-19 informed consent for in person sessions
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Child/Adolescent Initial Evaluation (progress note)
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Clinical Supervision Template
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Communication and Social Media Policies
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