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Using Simplepractice when Insurance panel insists on Availity
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progress note technical problem: jumping cursor
2 votes 10 comments
Using Other Credit Card companies
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Telehealth Icon not visible on schedule
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Is there an easy way to see if a client/s does not have an upcoming appointment scheduled.
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July 2024 Payout Delays
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Cannot add a payment in Simple practice in either app or regular website
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Camera and mic disconnected
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wiley treatment plans for adults
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Tax ID number for Simple Practice
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How to attach a pdf for a progress note?
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Allowing two apps on android phone for two separate log ins
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Family Session
3 votes 41 comments
Appointment Request History
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Appointments Not Showing In Calendar
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how to change client to inactive files
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4 years later and STILL we cannot send forms or emails to all clients
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Deleting user name email on old supervisee account
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Plea to keep the calendar sync option for $69 plan
18 votes 46 comments
How Can I print the Calendar? I really need this feature to work!
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Family Therapy Setup
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Stopping Spam Messages through Monarch
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family client
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Late Cancellation Fee paid by EAP
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Does SP have an endpoint yet?
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