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Website visibilty Answered
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Video connection quality Answered
1 vote 4 comments
Progress notes for no show Answered
-1 votes 6 comments
How to add Insurance Payers not on drop down list Answered
-1 votes 4 comments
HSA Cards Answered
-1 votes 18 comments
Group Therapy Scheduling Answered
2 votes 27 comments
Credit Card Declined when inputing Answered
0 votes 10 comments
Where will I see the reason for cancelation when client uses text link? Answered
2 votes 6 comments
Unpaid (& uncollectable) client balance Answered
0 votes 15 comments
Cancelling appointment on Mobile App Answered
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note icon on the calendar Answered
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Intake forms are not Auto filling in my business name or the current date Answered
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Editing invoice after creation Answered
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How do I change client's email which was entered incorrectly? Answered
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Booking widget button color change?!? Answered
2 votes 4 comments
Claims Submitted Outside of Simple Practice Answered
-1 votes 6 comments
how can an existing client enter in a new credit card? Answered
-1 votes 4 comments
Stripe fees at a quick glance Answered
1 vote 20 comments
Removing Home Office Address from Appointment Reminders Answered
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number of appointments Answered
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customizing roi Answered
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Feature Request: Newsletter Feature Answered
2 votes 2 comments
Scheduling a Group Answered
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Need Time Zone Features for Telehealth! Answered
3 votes 10 comments
Waiting List? Answered
9 votes 27 comments
Handouts for Telehealth Clients Answered
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Secure messaging read receipts Answered
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Multiple Licenses for a Single Clinician Answered
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Send Cancellation to Clients Answered
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Separate Individual from Couple without redoing intake paperwork Answered
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