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Changing Default Service Code Answered
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Invoice Numbering Answered
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How can I add the email address of my biller to my Simple Practice account? Answered
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group notes Answered
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Setting up & integrating Quickbooks Online with Simple Practice Answered
3 votes 16 comments
Changing a Client's Diagnosis... Answered
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storing files long term Answered
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Send Cancellation to Clients Answered
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Deleting all sessions for a time period Answered
3 votes 8 comments
Video Record a Session for feedback session Answered
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Managing families in simple practice Answered
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Client ID Upload Answered
5 votes 24 comments
Stripe Integration Answered
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How to let clients schedule a Free consultation Answered
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Client Claims: Aging by Insurance Answered
2 votes 6 comments
Write Off Report in Simple Practice Answered
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recurring appointments Answered
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Dx codes and Wiley Answered
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Is it possible to set up a two way sync between Simple Practice and the Apple ICal? Answered
2 votes 16 comments
sharing or transfering account credit amoung family members Answered
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Dictation Software Answered
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printing out notes Answered
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setting up automatic write off for self pay client Answered
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Updating Business- and Business representative details Answered
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Stripe fees at a quick glance Answered
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Separate Individual from Couple without redoing intake paperwork Answered
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Adding Addendum to Locked Note Answered
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Telehealth - Client is hearing an echo (of their own voice) Answered
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Wiley Progress Note Answered
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Family session Answered
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