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Can I cancel a payment? Answered
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dark mode needed Answered
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Duplicate clients Answered
-2 votes 27 comments
Dictation Software Answered
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WA State Intake Form Signatures Answered
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Group Therapy Scheduling Answered
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Need Time Zone Features for Telehealth! Answered
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group therapy Answered
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Video connection quality Answered
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Partial Payment on Invoices? Answered
4 votes 9 comments
Write Off Report in Simple Practice Answered
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How to split a payment between two cards? Answered
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Minors and consent/ client portal Answered
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HSA Cards Answered
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group notes Answered
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If we set a client to "inactive," how do we then access their account if necessary down the road? Answered
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Delete Cash Payment Answered
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Telehealth and Captioning/text box- Americans With Disability ACT Answered
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Claims Submitted Outside of Simple Practice Answered
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Stripe over charging clients Answered
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Maternity Leave Answered
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Scheduling practice-wide Team meetings & events Answered
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Roles and Permissions Answered
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Distinguish between client cancellation and therapist cancellation Answered
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How do I delete availability from my calendar? Answered
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Deleting all sessions for a time period Answered
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Stripe fees at a quick glance Answered
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setting up automatic write off for self pay client Answered
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Secure messages Answered
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Accounting software for bookkeeping Answered
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