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Multiple Licenses for a Single Clinician Answered
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Send Cancellation to Clients Answered
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dark mode needed Answered
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Adding Life Coaching to my services Answered
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Separate Individual from Couple without redoing intake paperwork Answered
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Adding Addendum to Locked Note Answered
2 votes 7 comments
Client having trouble logging in with app Answered
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Selecting a different address to appear on invoices Answered
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Need Time Zone Features for Telehealth! Answered
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How do I adjust an invoice for a partial payment Answered
0 votes 23 comments
Can clients upload videos Answered
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Stripe fees at a quick glance Answered
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Additional ICD-10 Codes Answered
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Unpaid (& uncollectable) client balance Answered
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Signing Superbills Answered
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Video Record a Session for feedback session Answered
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Dictation Software Answered
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Diagnosis not showing up on superbill Answered
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Adding Signature to Superbill Answered
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Update Informed Consent Answered
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How to add Insurance Payers not on drop down list Answered
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Tracking incomplete notes Answered
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Claim Forms Answered
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Scheduling availability Answered
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Emergency Contact Info Answered
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Receipt for client Answered
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Partial Payment on Invoices? Answered
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How do I speak with customer support? Answered
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Duplicate clients Answered
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Video connection quality Answered
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