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Calendar Sync Complaint Answered
26 votes 21 comments
Calendar Sync Answered
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No Calendar Sync Answered
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Reminders for unsigned/unlocked notes Answered
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Calendar sync only with the $99 plan? Answered
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Text Chat Box for Telehealth Sessions? Answered
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Calendar Sync Removal - Not Good Answered
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Changing Plans and Prices? Answered
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calendar syncing Answered
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Therapy Groups Answered
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Bring back 1-way calendar sync for basic plan Answered
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Agree with former complaint re calendar synch removal Answered
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Removing Calendar Sync from Essential Subscription is NOT COOL Answered
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Write offs Answered
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To Do list Answered
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Response to response about calendar sync from Sara Answered
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new pricing Answered
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Client Portal Spanish Answered
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Telehealth Answered
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Waiting List? Answered
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No calendar sync - Starter plan is now the best choice for many of us Answered
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Not happy that calendar sync disappeared!!! Answered
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Simplepractice new plan structure outrageous! Answered
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Very disappointed by new pricing Answered
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New Pricing Answered
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notification for client birthdays Answered
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Cal Sync! Wherefor art though? Answered
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I am not seeing a way to change my personal home address in the system (I have recently moved) Answered
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