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Write-Offs do not update on deductible-only claims Answered
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Entering Insurance Over-Payment Answered
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Insurance Co-pay % Answered
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Telehealth Modifier Codes Answered
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Help with insurance billing Answered
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Secondary claims Answered
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Co-Insurance auto calculation request Answered
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Claim Submission Field 14 Qualifier Answered
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Payment Reports Enrollments - ORBLS Answered
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Tricare updates Tele-Health billing procedures Answered
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Triwest (VA) updates Tele-Health billing proceedures Answered
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Not auto-charge a client for sessions denied by insurance Answered
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Changing out of state BCBS plan to local BCBS in client's chart Answered
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Documents Attached to Claim Submitted? Answered
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Clearing out claims that are not submittable Answered
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Automating claim form submission Answered
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Insurance Report and Information Inputs Answered
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Need Medicare Submitter ID and other info Answered
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Clearinghouse contact information
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Claim Rejection Answered
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SP Claims not showing up in Availity Answered
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Denied Claim - Identifier Answered
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Place of Service Code on Claim Form Answered
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New telehealth place of service codes for 2022 Answered
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Claim is showing "error_scrub"
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Error upon claim creation: Invalid payer id. No connection available for payer id AWNY6 (AgeWell NY Medicare) Answered
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EFT's not automatically applying to claims Answered
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insurance reimbursement Answered
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