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BCBS claims
5 votes 36 comments
missing BCBS ERA's since 5/1
3 votes 17 comments
What changed with BCBS
0 votes 16 comments
Paid Claim (deductible) showing as Outstanding Insurance balance.
2 votes 15 comments
Clearinghouse contact information
-3 votes 14 comments
Edit Superbill and/or Multiple Telehealth POS
3 votes 11 comments
Unable to process virtual card payments from insurance companies
1 vote 10 comments
Acknowledgement/Rejected for Invalid Information
0 votes 10 comments
Manually change insurance claim status
0 votes 10 comments
Insurance Virtual Card Payment Splitting
1 vote 9 comments
Paid claims not showing up in simple practice
0 votes 8 comments
Rejected claim
0 votes 8 comments
Clearinghouse and Availity
-1 votes 8 comments
2 votes 7 comments
Changing Clearinghouses
0 votes 7 comments
Rejected claims
0 votes 7 comments
How do I add a write-off amount from the billing page in a client chart?
-1 votes 7 comments
Oregon Health Plan Open Card
0 votes 7 comments
NPI numbers different for different insurances
0 votes 7 comments
BCBS claims not paid since early/mid February
0 votes 6 comments
Need to download claims as either ANSI or 837 files
0 votes 6 comments
How do I know when I can file a secondary claim?
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Looking for a biller in Rhode Island or New England!
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Submitted Claims
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