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BCBS claims
5 votes 36 comments
Update insurance information
4 votes 1 comment
Telehealth Office Location for Insurance Claims
4 votes 2 comments
missing BCBS ERA's since 5/1
3 votes 18 comments
"Days Submitted" no longer listed on the Insurance > Claims page
3 votes 1 comment
Edit Superbill and/or Multiple Telehealth POS
3 votes 11 comments
2 votes 7 comments
2 votes 3 comments
Can existing patients update their own insurance information yet?
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secondary claim rejection 5505
2 votes 3 comments
Paid Claim (deductible) showing as Outstanding Insurance balance.
2 votes 15 comments
"Prolonged Services:" 99354 is no longer a valid code - it likely won't pay / TriCare and TriWest
2 votes 3 comments
How to allocate Secondary insurance payments when Medicare is primary insurance
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Rejected claim
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BCBS ERAs received overnight
1 vote 1 comment
Add Insurance Info (Member ID#/insurance name) in the client Calendar Pop Up
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Payment reports
1 vote 3 comments
Why won’t my claim status update to Paid?
1 vote 5 comments
ERAs for Blue Cross Blue Shield still not working
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Unable to process virtual card payments from insurance companies
1 vote 10 comments
Does anyone else use SP for notes and use Alma for submitting claims?
1 vote 3 comments
Uploading 835 files
1 vote 5 comments
Blue Cross Blue shield in Montana couple billings
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Insurance Emails
1 vote 2 comments
Billing Straight Medi-Cal without a Managed Care
1 vote 4 comments
$0 Insurance Payment
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Update the codes to DSM-5-TR!!!
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EAP paying for "no show" "late cancel"
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