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Is there a way to allow access to documents and forms without access to the financials?
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Recording Sessions
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need live phone support
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Color Coding Needs an Upgrade Answered
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Supervisor is unable to unlock supervisee's notes even though the permission are enabled.
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Protecting Psychotherapy Notes Answered
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Declined Client Credit Cards on Autopay
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Adding a per graduate intern Answered
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Scheduling Clients with Multiple Interns
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Date of birth search
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Time-Saving Supervision Feature Request Answered
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Group Practice's- How to limit the view of calendars of other therapists Answered
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Same service at different fee
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Anybody here with a large practice
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Can you integrate Zoom with simplepractice. Answered
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Card does not support this type of purchase
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credit dispute evidence doesnt upload NEED HELP
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writing off a clients balance
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Marking Treatment Plan as Reviewed Answered
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New Password
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Supervision - Note Sign Off Reminder
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Need Stripe 1099 Answered
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Not assigning a client to a specific therapist at intake
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Changing bank account for insurance and stripe payouts
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Can we add a life coach as a team member on simple practice?
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Direct Secure Messaging for LLC
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Online requesting new appointment does not match my availability
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Access to templets
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Cash Payments
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