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Color Coding Needs an Upgrade Answered
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using color code for room usage data
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Accepting notes as Supervisor could go to next note Answered
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Report needed Answered
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Time-Saving Supervision Feature Request Answered
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Space for billing notes on session dates Answered
5 votes 9 comments
Clinician Specific Pricing Answered
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Adding color coding for therapy rooms Answered
5 votes 11 comments
Non-clinician administrator role? Answered
4 votes 24 comments
Marking Treatment Plan as Reviewed Answered
4 votes 3 comments
Differentiating New Clients Answered
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Booking therapists with a room Answered
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color code for therapist Answered
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Video conferencing with team members Answered
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Tracking Recurring Appointments Answered
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Questions Answered
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Group Practice's- How to limit the view of calendars of other therapists Answered
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Payout Reports Suggested Improvement Answered
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Helpful Items Answered
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Failed Payout Answered
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Simple Practice NEEDS to automatically fill in 9 digit zips to forms Answered
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Customizing Text Messages for Each Clinician Answered
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Claims packages Answered
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Total Visits by Each Clinician
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Report Needed for Self-pay Clients vs Insurance clients Answered
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Claim Sent Report vs Claims charged on Invoice
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Billing person access in simple practice Answered
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Ability for Supervisor Edits and Comments to Notes to be Seen by Supervisee Answered
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Hosting Therapy Groups in Simple Practice Answered
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Need Revised Tx Plans that permit updates to each Goal and Objectives with Progress. Answered
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