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Time-Saving Supervision Feature Request Answered
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Multidisciplinary Group Practice
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supervision Answered
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Allowing clients to choose the default credit card Answered
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Superbill 'Pay To' field Answered
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Booking Widget for Independent Contractor in a practice
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working with a minor Answered
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Booking Widget with Wordpress and Elementor Answered
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Ways to track open notes Answered
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Non-clinician administrator role? Answered
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Telehealth for Group Practice Answered
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Access to webcam and microphone Answered
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EMDR BLS online Answered
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Climnician Acces Level Answered
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Differentiating New Clients Answered
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Deciding to use Simple Practice as I migrate from solo to group practice Answered
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Looking for a biller Answered
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I need to speak to someone Answered
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Changing supervisor/privacy settings Answered
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Do we need A credit card signature authorization form on file? Answered
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Feedback from other group practice owners Answered
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Helpful Items Answered
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Tracking Recurring Appointments Answered
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Need Clarification on Open Notes Law and SP
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Booking therapists with a room Answered
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Scheduling a first available appointment Answered
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