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How to Vote on a Template Pinned Featured
2 votes 9 comments
Ability to share form temples with other SP clinicians
4 votes 2 comments
cannot resend PHQ & GAD to client for reassessment - HELP!!!
1 vote 1 comment
Add the ISI
0 votes 1 comment
how to remove social security number off of invoice? Answered
0 votes 13 comments
Form for Splitting Bill
0 votes 1 comment
How can I obtain client signature on a customized billing document?
0 votes 0 comments
Clinical Supervision Template
21 votes 11 comments
Preselected options in notes
0 votes 0 comments
36 votes 25 comments
Referral Form for Psychiatric Evaluation
0 votes 0 comments
Option for Spanish-speaking portal and review and submission button
1 vote 1 comment
Progress Note Template (DIY) Answered
6 votes 32 comments
Reordering form responses Answered
0 votes 2 comments
Sending form to all clients Answered
22 votes 41 comments
Intake forms order
1 vote 2 comments
Anyone Have an IFS note template they could share?
0 votes 21 comments
Can Simple Practice Create a custom form from a template I provide?
0 votes 1 comment
School Excuse Answered
7 votes 20 comments
Client signing treatment plan (follow-up)
1 vote 2 comments
Template for outdoor or exposure therapy?
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Upload a PDF to Progress Notes?
2 votes 2 comments
release of information Answered
0 votes 22 comments
edit documents??
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It is very hard and frustrating to talk with a representative to get help
0 votes 2 comments
resending intake docs
0 votes 0 comments
Copy question format in New Template
1 vote 7 comments
How to upload original practice documents Answered
0 votes 7 comments
Uploading Handwritten Progress Notes
1 vote 2 comments
Mobile App Can't Open Questionnaire/Intake?
6 votes 3 comments