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How to Vote on a Template Pinned Featured
1 vote 8 comments
Good Faith Estimate "Template"
8 votes 4 comments
Sending form to all clients Answered
19 votes 35 comments
filling in a release of information form
0 votes 6 comments
Question: "Congruent to Content" meaning
0 votes 0 comments
"Informed Consent for Psychotherapy" Intake Form
0 votes 15 comments
C-SSRS assessment request
13 votes 12 comments
Telehealth Consent Form Answered
1 vote 19 comments
0 votes 0 comments
Calendar No Longer Displaying Note Icon
0 votes 0 comments
Uploading driver's license Answered
5 votes 11 comments
release of information Answered
0 votes 21 comments
Email/Notification for All SP Providers about Voting for Templates?
0 votes 0 comments
Getting both client and clinician e-signatures on ROI
1 vote 1 comment
Edit Release of information form to include my information
-5 votes 1 comment
automatically send weekly forms
0 votes 0 comments
Scoring of rating scales
0 votes 0 comments
Child Intake Questionnaire
1 vote 9 comments
Mobile App Can't Open Questionnaire/Intake?
5 votes 2 comments
Wiley Treatment Plan MIA
0 votes 1 comment
Mental Status Exam Answered
-1 votes 33 comments
Documenting "golden thread" in progress notes
1 vote 3 comments
DIY Progress Note with Check Boxes Template
3 votes 3 comments
Re-sending Intake documents for ongoing services. Answered
-1 votes 5 comments
BDI - Beck Depression Inventory (the original, public-domain release)
46 votes 22 comments
Intake forms order
1 vote 1 comment
0 votes 0 comments
Adding diagnosis drop-down to a note template
1 vote 2 comments
Copy the Psychotherapy Note over to the next progress note (just like other parts)?
1 vote 2 comments