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1 vote 4 comments
Ultimate, Mother-of-All Intake Questionnaires
64 votes 28 comments
SOAP note requiring little writing
60 votes 32 comments
Gottman Method: Oral History Interview and Individual Interview Forms
52 votes 15 comments
45 votes 9 comments
BDI - Beck Depression Inventory (the original, public-domain release)
45 votes 15 comments
DBT Progress Note template
38 votes 13 comments
C-SSRS: Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale
35 votes 11 comments
Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale (ASRS-v1.1) - See it here and VOTE to have it added to template library Completed
32 votes 29 comments
28 votes 21 comments
Templates: Request Ability to Create Rows of Check Boxes Answered
22 votes 11 comments
dsm 5 cross cutting measures Adult and Children
22 votes 15 comments
Templates for Intake & Consent Forms for Adolescents & Children Needed Answered
21 votes 12 comments
PTSD Screening Completed
20 votes 16 comments
Clinical Supervision Template
20 votes 10 comments
Recording & tracking new client inquiries Answered
19 votes 24 comments
Child/Adolescent Initial Evaluation (progress note)
14 votes 10 comments
Social Phobia Inventory Screen (SPIN) created - Preview here and VOTE Answered
13 votes 6 comments
Client Safety Plan Template Completed
13 votes 9 comments
load previous note choosing which note Answered
11 votes 12 comments
AUDIT - Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Tool Completed
11 votes 3 comments
C-SSRS assessment request
10 votes 3 comments
PHQ-SADS or PHQ-15 Template Addition request
10 votes 6 comments
Client Goal Setting Journal Entry (SP Template)
10 votes 3 comments
Here is a template I created for a progress note for sharing Answered
10 votes 3 comments
DAP Note from FB Group
9 votes 0 comments
Adolescent Intake Questionnaire
9 votes 4 comments
DASS-21: Depression, Anxiety, Stress Scale
9 votes 9 comments
Sending form to all clients Answered
8 votes 14 comments
DSM-5 Cross-Cutting Assessments Answered
8 votes 10 comments