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Uploading driver's license Answered
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release of information Answered
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Uploading personalized progress notes Answered
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Calculations in Nutrition Assessment note Answered
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Expired ROI's Answered
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Pronouns next to names Answered
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Mental Status Exam Answered
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How do I edit My information on my clients Superbills Answered
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Digital Signature Answered
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School Excuse Answered
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How to upload original practice documents Answered
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Reminders for unlocked notes Answered
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Release of Information form not showing my name Answered
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cms 1500 Answered
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How to add a second signature to all consent forms so that both adolescent and parent can consent Answered
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Change invoice information Answered
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Sending form to all clients Answered
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Can I upload WORD or PDF? Answered
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I sent clients paperwork to wrong email address. How can I resend paperwork? Answered
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release for information send by email Answered
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Templates for Intake & Consent Forms for Adolescents & Children Needed Answered
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Intake Forms Answered
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Auto-Populate info onto Progress Notes? Answered
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Including diagnosis in assessment Answered
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Editing Features for Intake Forms & Consent Documents Answered
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same email for more than 1 client Answered
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Sliding Scale/Reduced Rate form or policy Answered
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Anyone have a sample of a family intake form stat? Answered
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Place of Service code ( home, office, school) Answered
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