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School Excuse Answered
8 votes 22 comments
Medicare Opt Out Form? Answered
0 votes 6 comments
Sending form to all clients Answered
25 votes 48 comments
Mental Status Exam Answered
0 votes 40 comments
40 votes 26 comments
release of information Answered
0 votes 26 comments
How to add a second signature to all consent forms so that both adolescent and parent can consent Answered
-2 votes 4 comments
Re-sending a document Answered
-3 votes 12 comments
Suggestion/Plea: Group Client Note and Group Appointment Option Answered
2 votes 15 comments
Demographics Answered
1 vote 3 comments
Place of Service code ( home, office, school) Answered
-1 votes 12 comments
Adding a table to an Intake Form Answered
0 votes 2 comments
I sent clients paperwork to wrong email address. How can I resend paperwork? Answered
-1 votes 4 comments
Sending consent forms to clients Answered
0 votes 9 comments
how to remove social security number off of invoice? Answered
-1 votes 13 comments
Progress Note Template (DIY) Answered
5 votes 32 comments
Reordering form responses Answered
0 votes 2 comments
How to upload original practice documents Answered
-2 votes 7 comments
Open request to share SI made forms and Assessments for import. Answered
1 vote 3 comments
Re-sending Intake documents for ongoing services. Answered
-2 votes 7 comments
Consent/Intake forms Answered
2 votes 10 comments
Telehealth Consent Form Answered
1 vote 19 comments
Uploading driver's license Answered
6 votes 11 comments
Good Faith Estimate Calendar integration Answered
2 votes 6 comments
Autosave malfunction? Answered
0 votes 3 comments
Electronic paperwork sent to client Answered
1 vote 4 comments
Uploading personalized progress notes Answered
0 votes 13 comments
How do I edit My information on my clients Superbills Answered
0 votes 2 comments
How do you send a release of information to a client. Could you please list a step by step process. I Answered
0 votes 2 comments
Deleting a session Answered
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