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Sending form to all clients Answered
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Templates: Request Ability to Create Rows of Check Boxes Answered
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Templates for Intake & Consent Forms for Adolescents & Children Needed Answered
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Recording & tracking new client inquiries Answered
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DSM-5 Cross-Cutting Assessments Answered
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Social Phobia Inventory Screen (SPIN) created - Preview here and VOTE Answered
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load previous note choosing which note Answered
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School Excuse Answered
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Here is a template I created for a progress note for sharing Answered
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Auto-Populate info onto Progress Notes? Answered
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Family Therapy Intake Form Answered
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Uploading driver's license Answered
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Termination Note Answered
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Progress Note Template (DIY) Answered
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Resending Client consent forms each year - Is there a way to automate it yearly? Answered
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Including diagnosis in assessment Answered
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Drop Down list in Creating forms Answered
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Sending Message to All Active Clients Answered
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Suggestion/Plea: Group Client Note and Group Appointment Option Answered
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Reminders for unlocked notes Answered
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Medicaid Compliant Templates Answered
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credit card form Answered
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Embedding intake forms on our website Answered
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Repopulate client entered information in Other forms. Answered
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Good Faith Estimate Calendar integration Answered
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Rearranging order of multiple choice checkboxes in notes/forms? Answered
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Why does the Good Faith Estimate under assessments not autofill? Answered
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Editing Features for Intake Forms & Consent Documents Answered
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Consent/Intake forms Answered
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