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How to Vote on a Template Pinned Featured
3 votes 12 comments
Anyone Have an IFS note template they could share?
0 votes 38 comments
SOAP note requiring little writing
60 votes 33 comments
Ultimate, Mother-of-All Intake Questionnaires
65 votes 28 comments
Custom Forms and Font Preferences
15 votes 27 comments
BDI - Beck Depression Inventory (the original, public-domain release)
50 votes 26 comments
Patient Face Sheet for Referrals
6 votes 21 comments
Consent to Use Telehealth for Psychotherapy
8 votes 20 comments
Scored Measurements
13 votes 19 comments
Terms and policies
0 votes 19 comments
Clinical Supervision Template
18 votes 18 comments
Re-sending forms to a new client after I made a mistake in his email address
-1 votes 17 comments
Gottman Method: Oral History Interview and Individual Interview Forms
55 votes 17 comments
C-SSRS: Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale
42 votes 17 comments
DBT Progress Note template
41 votes 16 comments
dsm 5 cross cutting measures Adult and Children
22 votes 15 comments
"Informed Consent for Psychotherapy" Intake Form
0 votes 15 comments
C-SSRS assessment request
12 votes 14 comments
does any one know how to add a signature
0 votes 14 comments
How do I share a template?
2 votes 12 comments
Copy question format in New Template
5 votes 11 comments
How to delete clients and sessions on unbilled appointments/submit claims page?
0 votes 11 comments
"HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices" Document
2 votes 11 comments
Child Intake Questionnaire
2 votes 10 comments
DIY Progress Note with Check Boxes Template
4 votes 10 comments
Sharing forms with other Simple Practice users
5 votes 10 comments
Need color for new clients
1 vote 10 comments
COVID-19 informed consent for in person sessions
1 vote 10 comments
Child/Adolescent Initial Evaluation (progress note)
13 votes 10 comments