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Client ability to view questionnaires Answered
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transferring patient evaluations
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Video Link Reminders
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DSM-5 Cross-Cutting Assessments Answered
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COVID-19 informed consent for in person sessions
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Getting Rid of "Better" template Answered
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CUDIT-R Cannabis Use Disorder Identification Test-Revised
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Reminders for unlocked notes Answered
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How do I share a template?
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Sending consent forms to clients Answered
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Where can I document evaluation reports?
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Medicare - Specialized intake and return form for Medicare
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"HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices" Document
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Non- psych/therapy history forms Answered
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Auto-Populate info onto Progress Notes? Answered
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printed progress notes Answered
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How to adjust time in notes? Answered
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Forms Answered
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Informed Consent Including Supervision Statement - California
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release of information Answered
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Appointment reminders Answered
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Termination Note Answered
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Wiley Treatment Plan Single Line Box Makes it Difficult to Edit. Answered
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Credit Card Authorization for copay, coinsurance etc.. Answered
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Support group for teens Answered
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Drop down menu not available on some notes Answered
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how to remove social security number off of invoice? Answered
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Save and Continue feature? Answered
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Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale (ASRS-v1.1) - See it here and VOTE to have it added to template library Completed
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