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Wiley Treatment Plan Single Line Box Makes it Difficult to Edit. Answered
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Using a Tablet Answered
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Templates: Request Ability to Create Rows of Check Boxes Answered
23 votes 11 comments
Save and Continue feature? Answered
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Support group for teens Answered
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Drop down menu not available on some notes Answered
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Social Phobia Inventory please!
3 votes 2 comments
eating disorders
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Difference between Progress Note and Psychotherapy Note? Answered
0 votes 3 comments
Forms (Consent form and HIPAA) for clinical consultation
0 votes 1 comment
Couples Counseling Progress Note Template
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new client who is attorney raised concern about the SP disclosure form Answered
0 votes 2 comments
Client Goal Setting Journal Entry (SP Template)
10 votes 3 comments
Medicare Opt Out Form? Answered
0 votes 4 comments
Getting authorization for Autopay Answered
0 votes 8 comments
PHQ-A Answered
2 votes 3 comments
Forms Answered
-1 votes 4 comments
Communication and Social Media Policies
6 votes 10 comments
Revised Intake form w/ multi-choice items for SI, drinking, drug use
3 votes 4 comments
DAP Note from FB Group
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Records requests
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Looking for a group screening form for adolescents
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Client Insurance/EAP Information Form Answered
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Admin Staff Privacy Contract Needed
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Requesting: Intake Form, Symptom Checklist (DSM-5), and Screening & Assessments Answered
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Template Screen Prints Answered
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Revised release form for California
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Criminal Justice
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Beck Depression, Beck Anxiety and Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Screens Answered
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Medicaid Session Note
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