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Saving New Creation of Template Answered
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Diagnosis not on Progress Note Answered
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Appointment reminders Answered
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ADIME note
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Copying notes forward
0 votes 3 comments
Re: Shared Files- request to add folders for organization of these documents
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Problem with "Load Previous Note" Answered
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Progress Note Template (DIY) Answered
6 votes 31 comments
Looking for informed consent to treat for minors
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I need help with release of info
1 vote 8 comments
Wishing SP partnered with GoodNotes
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Email sent with documents have the wrong name appearing on the email Answered
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Good Faith Estimate Calendar integration Answered
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School Excuse Answered
4 votes 12 comments
Getting a GFE Signed
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release of information Answered
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Signature and NPI 2 are not on the superbill Answered
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Alert feature Answered
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ROI email notifications
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Mobile App Can't Open Questionnaire/Intake?
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Can I have two different demographic forms? Answered
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Gottman Method: Oral History Interview and Individual Interview Forms
52 votes 16 comments
Attendance note
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SOAP note requiring little writing
60 votes 33 comments
Sharing with outside provider Answered
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-where to add GFE in your onboarding paperwork
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treatment goals for Advanced Plans
1 vote 2 comments
Children/Adolescent ADHD Assessment
0 votes 3 comments
Sharing the Good Faith Estimate with Clients
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