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How to Vote on a Template Pinned Featured
1 vote 3 comments
How to edit existing documents/forms? Answered
0 votes 40 comments
intake? Answered
1 vote 30 comments
Can I upload WORD or PDF? Answered
1 vote 30 comments
Release of information form Answered
2 votes 30 comments
Progress Note Template (DIY) Answered
2 votes 30 comments
Ultimate, Mother-of-All Intake Questionnaires
60 votes 28 comments
Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale (ASRS-v1.1) - See it here and VOTE to have it added to template library Completed
31 votes 26 comments
SOAP note requiring little writing
59 votes 25 comments
making changes to treatment plan form Answered
0 votes 24 comments
Recording & tracking new client inquiries Answered
18 votes 24 comments
26 votes 20 comments
Consent to Use Telehealth for Psychotherapy
9 votes 20 comments
Sending documents to client Answered
-1 votes 19 comments
Telehealth Consent Form Answered
1 vote 18 comments
How to adjust time in notes? Answered
0 votes 16 comments
PTSD Screening Completed
20 votes 16 comments
credit card form Answered
2 votes 16 comments
Patient Face Sheet for Referrals
8 votes 15 comments
dsm 5 cross cutting measures Adult and Children
21 votes 15 comments
BDI - Beck Depression Inventory (the original, public-domain release)
45 votes 14 comments
Gottman Method: Oral History Interview and Individual Interview Forms
51 votes 13 comments
load previous note choosing which note Answered
11 votes 12 comments
"Informed Consent for Psychotherapy" Intake Form
0 votes 12 comments
how to remove social security number off of invoice? Answered
0 votes 11 comments
Templates: Request Ability to Create Rows of Check Boxes Answered
22 votes 11 comments
DBT Progress Note template
33 votes 11 comments
Re-sending a document Answered
0 votes 10 comments
Child/Adolescent Initial Evaluation (progress note)
14 votes 10 comments
Templates for Intake & Consent Forms for Adolescents & Children Needed Answered
20 votes 10 comments