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Family Clients!!???????
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Release of Information Form
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please add ORS and SRS from
3 votes 7 comments
Sending form to all clients Answered
33 votes 64 comments
50 votes 34 comments
C-SSRS assessment request
12 votes 17 comments
Demographics Form Required Field
0 votes 3 comments
How do I delete consent forms from simple practice
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Scored measures
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Digital Signature Answered
-2 votes 21 comments
Children/Adolescent ADHD Assessment
0 votes 8 comments
C-SSRS: Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale
43 votes 21 comments
How do you send a release of information to a client. Could you please list a step by step process. I Answered
-1 votes 12 comments
Copy the Psychotherapy Note over to the next progress note (just like other parts)?
4 votes 7 comments
Scored Measurements
17 votes 26 comments
Anyone Have an IFS note template they could share?
0 votes 39 comments
Process of tracking referral source is tedious
0 votes 3 comments
how do dictate simple progress notes from voice to text on the simple practice app?
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2 votes 1 comment
Need color for new clients
1 vote 11 comments
Download medical record Answered
-1 votes 10 comments
Missing progress note when using app on iPhone
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How to restore an accidentally deleted client intake survey?
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Recording & tracking new client inquiries Answered
21 votes 27 comments
Adding Target, review, and closed dates to the Wiley Treatment Plan template
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Treatment Plan Update template that pulls from current treatment plan
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2 votes 2 comments
How do I share a template?
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Template for Treatment Plan Update
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