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How to Vote on a Template Pinned Featured
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How to add a second signature to all consent forms so that both adolescent and parent can consent Answered
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Anyone Have an IFS note template they could share?
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Re-sending a document Answered
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Treatment Planning Customizing Options
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created form not on the clients pick list but on others list
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How to add a family member - get consent for each party in Simple Practice?
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Adolescent informed consent
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Consent forms for adolescents and parents
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Sending form to all clients Answered
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cannot resend PHQ & GAD to client for reassessment - HELP!!!
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Client signing treatment plan (follow-up)
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Data Export Error
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Clinical Supervision Note Template
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Clinical Supervision Template
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Mental Status Note in Assessments verses Mental Status Exam under "new" on client page
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Suggestion/Plea: Group Client Note and Group Appointment Option Answered
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Documenting "golden thread" in progress notes
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Consent to treat a minor
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Consent for treat minor
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Physical Therapy outpatient Templates
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How to change footnote on Superbills
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Saving template revisions
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Custom Forms and Font Preferences
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New Treatment Progress feature
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updates on pcp signing treatment plan?
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Mental Status Exam Answered
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release of information Answered
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