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How to Vote on a Template Pinned Featured
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Client cannot submit documents
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Templates for Intake & Consent Forms for Adolescents & Children Needed Answered
21 votes 12 comments
Intake Forms Answered
1 vote 8 comments
Re-sending forms to a new client after I made a mistake in his email address
0 votes 7 comments
Documenting clients progress
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Auto-Populate info onto Progress Notes? Answered
6 votes 11 comments
Assessments for kids
0 votes 1 comment
After visit summary to send to clients
1 vote 4 comments
How Can I Customize the Mental Status Exam?
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Minor and Adult Signature
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Digital Signature Answered
1 vote 11 comments
Client sending document to me
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updating existing portal forms
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Custom Forms and Font Preferences
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does any one know how to add a signature
1 vote 5 comments
Change invoice information Answered
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Forms Customized for Clients
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How do I share a template?
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I sent clients paperwork to wrong email address. How can I resend paperwork? Answered
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Including diagnosis in assessment Answered
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44 votes 9 comments
Forms: caregiver affidavit/ consent to treat minor
1 vote 8 comments
Editing Features for Intake Forms & Consent Documents Answered
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same email for more than 1 client Answered
-1 votes 6 comments
Sliding Scale/Reduced Rate form or policy Answered
2 votes 9 comments
SOAP note requiring little writing
60 votes 31 comments
Carol Lynn Winters LPC
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I need help with release of info
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Signing progress notes - receiving error
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