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Great Way to Track Incoming Calls Featured
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Treatment plan signatures for telehealth Answered
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Color code for apptoints ie biweekly, weekly, new, monthly
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client secure message and text
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Medicaid Compliant Documentation Answered
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Increase referrals Answered
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SP Fan Answered
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Options Needed for Stripe Credit Card Uploads Answered
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Telehealth Audio Answered
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Virtual Assistant Platform Answered
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Feedback about Telehealth for Children? Answered
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Wiley Measurable goals Answered
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Mobile app calendar Answered
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Periodic Reminder to the Clinican for Re-evaluations Answered
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Couples billing - Can cash payments be split between two accounts? Answered
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Termination letters Answered
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Filing out of network with SP? Answered
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Is there a way to apply charges to a specific session? Answered
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How can a send an additional form to an existing client to fill out
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calendar no longer showing full names of my clients - only initials!
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Multiple electronic signature forms
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Hello SP Community!
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Retirement maintenance fee?
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Discharges Answered
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Phone Consult Session - Scheduling Under Parent of Minor's Name
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Demographics Email default
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Client already has a Simple Practice Account for her Son
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Quickbooks Import
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Non-standard codes
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