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Group Therapy
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Reviewing Treatment Plans
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New Plans?
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Adding my voice to complaints about Calendar Sync going away Answered
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Color code for apptoints ie biweekly, weekly, new, monthly Answered
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SP Fan Answered
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Custom Reminders by Date
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Vacation settings for calendar
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How are clinicians prescribing meds and labs and integrating in the platform?
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Global Email Message
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SP Website
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Unethical Business Practice
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No Calendar Sync anymore is a money grab. Answered
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Steep price increase Answered
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How to invoice Pro Bono and Lower Cost Services for Clients
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Coordinating reports/billing with Headway
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client secure message and text Answered
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Options Needed for Stripe Credit Card Uploads Answered
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Telehealth and Captioning/text box- Americans With Disability ACT Answered
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Client Survey Answered
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