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Where is write off?
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Refund not going through after a week
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Calendar name view
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A workaround for vcards that is working for me:
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Failed attempts at connecting to a telehealth session
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Sharing videos of my session after the fact
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Charging Processing fee
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Reviewing Treatment Plans
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Need help fixing old accounting errors prior to improved system
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Screen sharing not working
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Telehealth question
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Feature Request - ability for therapist to sign consent forms
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medicare is asking for one of my clients info. How do i get help to make sure this is sent to them correctly
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Outstanding copayment balance
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how many clicks does it take to approve an appointment request?
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Edit past appointment with telehealth modifier
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Icon to connect to the session is not showing up
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Online payment end of the year Report?
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Adding payment that doesn't match invoice
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Entering "Paper Intakes"
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Group Practice to Solo
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Unethical Business Practice
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Change Subscription Plan From $99 to $29 Plan
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New Client having trouble getting into the link successfully
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Chart notes dropping out of the system
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Unallocated balance
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Data Export of client clinical records
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Unallocated vCard payments
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