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Switching from paper documentation Answered
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Invoices vs. Superbills Answered
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How to edit initial emails to clients Answered
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New templates for psychiatric nurse practitioners? Answered
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Are session write offs tax deductible Answered
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Tax Question - Exporting Files Answered
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Text message Notification to service provider for new appointment booking Answered
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SimplePractice for Physical Therapy OP practice Answered
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Organizing clients for accounting record-keeping Answered
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Client scheduling Answered
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Telehealth Answered
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Raising rates Answered
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I can not hear my clients last few weeks. Please help. Need customer support. Answered
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client payment to my bank account is failing. Answered
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BAA Answered
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Is there a phone number I can call to get a live human to help me with billing questions? Answered
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I would like to discontinue service - please contact me so that you do not continue to bill me Answered
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Changing from SSN to EIN midyear Answered
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Stripe Answered
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How do I reflect no show or late cancellation on statement? Answered
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Simple Practice and FreshBooks or QuickBooks?
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write off Answered
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Daily Agenda Answered
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Editing Diagnostic codes Answered
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Web Camera Answered
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Stripe payment Answered
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Insurance company ask for clinical record review Answered
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How do I find login information to my Stripe Dashboard? Answered
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invoice marked paid but card not charged Answered
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