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Using claim reference numbers

Using claim reference numbers

Each claim submitted successfully through SimplePractice is assigned a unique Clearinghouse Reference #. Once a claim is accepted for processing, most payers will assign a Payer Claim # to the claim. 

In this guide, we’ll cover: 

Finding claim reference numbers

To find a claim’s reference numbers: 

  • Navigate to Insurance > Claims
  • Click View beside the claim 


  • Review the Clearinghouse Reference # and Payer Claim # next to the status of the claim


To find claim reference numbers in your reports: 

  • Navigate to Analytics > Reports
  • Click Filed claims 
  • Review the Clearinghouse Reference and Payer Claim columns 


If the same claim is submitted multiple times, you can find the reference numbers for each submission in your Filed claims report. You can also find the Clearinghouse Reference # for each submission directly from the claim. To do this:  

  • Navigate to the claim 
  • Click Claim Details


  • Review the Claim filing history  


Note: Reference numbers will only be available if they’ve already been assigned. For more information on when these numbers are assigned, see Processing an insurance claim.   

Using a Clearinghouse Reference #

A Clearinghouse Reference # is the identifying number that our clearinghouse assigns to each claim submitted successfully to an insurance payer. You can use this number to reference a claim when reaching out to our support team

Important: When contacting a payer, don’t use the Clearinghouse Reference # to identify a claim. This number is only used by our team and our clearinghouse. 

Using a Payer Claim #

A Payer Claim # is the identifying number that many insurance payers assign to a claim when they accept it for processing. If contacting a payer directly about a claim, you can use this number as reference, or you can provide the client's member ID and the date(s) of service on the claim. 

Note: Certain payers don’t assign a Payer Claim #. This doesn’t indicate that the claim didn’t reach them but that they don’t support this service through our clearinghouse. 

If a payer rejects a claim, they likely won’t assign a Payer Claim # as claims are rejected before entering a payer’s system. For more information, see What causes a claim to be rejected?

Recording claim reference numbers

It’s important to always keep a record of a claim’s reference numbers. If you need to edit, resubmit, or delete a claim, we recommend that you take note of any reference numbers first as well as download a copy of the claim before it’s deleted. Once a claim is adjusted, the original reference numbers will no longer be available on the claim.    

Important: Once a claim is deleted, we're unable to retrieve the reference numbers.  

A helpful location to save claim reference numbers is in an administrative note at the top of a client’s Overview page: 


For additional details on administrative notes, see Using administrative notes in SimplePractice

If you’d like to upload a copy of a claim to a client’s profile, see Storing client documents

Tip: For more information on updating and resubmitting claims, see When to submit a corrected claim in SimplePractice and how.

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