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Navigating the client Overview page

Navigating the client Overview page

On a client’s Overview page, you can use the various dropdown menus to sort through dates and view specific client documentation. In this guide, we’ll cover:

Note: To learn about the client Billing Overview page, see Using the client Billing Overview page. To learn more about the client Files Overview page, see Managing the client Files Overview page.

Customizing the date range

You can filter the information visible to you by date range on the client’s Overview page. Use this filter to review notes, documentation, and client file activity from a specific time frame.

To filter by date range:

  • Click All time to open a calendar dropdown menu


  • Select the desired date range to view for the client
  • Click Apply

Filtering by document type

You can also filter the client’s Overview page by specific document types. Clicking All items will open a dropdown menu where you can select to view the filter by the following:

  • All Items
  • Appointments
  • Chart notes
  • Diagnosis and treatment plans
  • Good Faith Estimates
  • Mental Status Exams
  • Questionnaires
  • Scored measure
  • Waitlist activity
  • Other documents


Changing your view

There are two different view options for the client Overview page: Excerpt View and List View. These views show different amounts of information for each item in your clients’ files.

If you’d like to view all information for each item, click the 2 row icon for Excerpt View.


If you’d rather view less information, click the 4 row icon for List View.


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