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Understanding your billing reports

Understanding your billing reports

Your SimplePractice account includes 4 billing reports on the Reports page related to client billing and payments. Use these reports to see amounts owed by clients and insurance and the invoices by status, clinician, and time past due.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

Note: For information on the Analytics dashboard and other reports, see Understanding your Analytics dashboard and reports.

Outstanding balances

The Outstanding balances report provides an overview of the amounts that are still owed by clients and insurance.

This report displays the following columns by default:

  • Client
  • Clinician (group practices only)
  • Services Provided
  • Uninvoiced
  • Invoiced
  • Client Paid
  • Client Balance

You can filter the report by date range to display data within a specific time frame.


Group practices can filter the report by individual clinician.


Clicking the amount in the Client Balance column will link you to the Appointment status report for that client.


Additional filters for the Outstanding balances can be found by clicking More. When logging into your SimplePractice account, the Outstanding balances report will have the With Balance toggle set to on. This will filter the report to show only clients with a client balance.


Turning the With Balance toggle to off will display all clients, with or without a client balance.


To include additional details in the report:

  • Click More
  • Toggle Show Details to on


Enabling the Show Details toggle will add the following columns to the report:

  • Prev. Total Balance
  • Prev. Client Balance
  • Client Payments
  • Client Write Off
  • Total Balance


Note: Clicking the amount in the Total Balance column will link you to the Appointment status report for that client.

Additionally, you can choose to include client insurance balances in the report. The Include Insurance toggle adds the following columns to the report:

  • Insurance Paid
  • Insurance Write Off
  • Insurance Balance

insurance.simplepractice.outstandingbalancesreport.pngTo enable Include Insurance:

  • Click More
  • Toggle Include Insurance to on

Tip: To see which clients have an insurance balance and don’t have a client balance, turn the With Balance toggle off and the Include Insurance toggle on. This option will display all clients, without or without client or insurance balances.


Turning on both the With Balance and Include Insurance toggles will display clients with a client balance or with both a client and insurance balance.


To export the report from your SimplePractice account:

  • Click Export
  • Select CSV or Excel


Client balance aging

The Client balance aging report lists monies owed out-of-pocket by clients, with respect to time. This is useful for tracking client balances, determining which clients have a past due balance, and seeing how long a balance has been overdue. The Clinician column in the report lists the primary clinician, which may differ from the rendering clinician. The statuses of the report include:

Status Includes
Current Includes all unpaid invoices that are not yet past due
1 - 30 days past due The sum of all unpaid invoices that are past due in the last 30 days
31 - 60 days past due The sum of all unpaid invoices that are past due in the last 31 - 60 days
60+ days past due The sum of all unpaid invoices past due more than 60 days
Total The entire balance due for all unpaid invoices for this client

Note:  A “--” symbol means there’s no information to report.

Clinician invoicing (Group practices only)

The Clinician invoicing report shows the total amount of invoices for the selected time period. This report separates the dollar amount for appointments by clinician and specifies invoiced and uninvoiced amounts.



The Invoices report shows the status of every invoice in your account. You can filter this report by date range, clinician, client, and invoice status: Paid or Credit, Unpaid, or Past Due.


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