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Understanding your insurance reports

Understanding your insurance reports

SimplePractice provides 6 reports related to insurance billing. Understanding what information is included in each report will allow you to leverage the insurance data present in your account, to improve the experience of claim filing and receiving reimbursement from insurance payers. Each report can be downloaded as a CSV or Excel file, allowing you to easily review or print as needed.

In this guide, we’ll cover the following reports:

Note: For information on the Analytics dashboard and other reports, see Understanding your Analytics dashboard and reports.

Unpaid insurance appointments

The Unpaid insurance appointments report shows a list of unpaid insurance appointments for each client, listed by date. Insurance payments must be saved correctly and the claim must be marked as paid to be excluded from this report.


Outstanding claims

The Outstanding claims report is an aging report which shows money owed from insurance companies, sorted by insurance provider. The statues on this report include:

Status What this reflects
Unbilled The sum of the appointment fees that haven’t been included on a superbill or on a CMS claim form
Total Charges The sum of all insurance claims, including both electronic and printed CMS 1500 claims
Due 30 Days The sum of all unpaid claims for appointments that were created more than 30 days ago
Due 60 Days The sum of all unpaid claims for appointments that were created more than 60 days ago


Note:  A “--” symbol means there’s no information to report.

Filed claims

Filed claims shows a list of all insurance claims that have been filed electronically through SimplePractice for a selected date range.


Payment Reports

Payment Reports shows a list of all Payment Reports (electronic EOBs) received through SimplePractice for a selected date range.


Coverage Reports

Coverage Reports shows a list of all insurance Coverage Reports generated via SimplePractice in a selected date range.


Insurance fees

Insurance fees shows a list of charges incurred from electronic claim filing. Claims can include up to 6 appointments for a single client. 

For more information about our prices for electronic claim filing, see How much does it cost to bill insurance through SimplePractice?

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