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Creating statements

Creating statements

Client statements are a record of all fees and payments within a given period of time. They're intended for record-keeping and tax purposes. They aren't intended for insurance reimbursement.

Note: To learn more about the different billing documents available in your SimplePractice account, please, see Understanding invoices, statements, and superbills

You have the option to automate the process of creating and delivering statements for individual clients. However, you can also create them manually.

In this guide, we'll cover: 

Important: Statements only contain billing information associated with the date range selected. 

Creating a statement for a client

To manually create a statement for a client: 

  • Navigate to your client's Overview page
  • Click Billing
  • Select the date range for which you'd like to create a statement


  • Click New > Statement


Reviewing a statement layout

The Summary section of a statement shows the client's balance at the beginning of the statement period, the invoiced and payment amounts during the specified date range, and their ending balance. 


Note: In the top right corner, you have the option to print, email, download as a PDF, or delete the statement. 

The Details section of a statement shows a timeline of the client's billing activity and changes to their balance. 


Note: Appointments appear based on the issue date of the associated invoice. For accuracy, we recommend using daily invoice generation. For more information, see Invoice settings

You'll find this statement, and all previously created statements, in the right panel under Billing documents on the client's Overview page. 


Important: If you make changes to appointments or payments, be aware that any previously created statements won't reflect this changes automatically. You'll want to create a new statement to include the updated information. 

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