Creating statements


Client statements are a record of all fees and payments within a given period of time. They are intended for record-keeping or tax purposes. They are not intended for insurance reimbursement.

This article will explain the differences between the SimplePractice billing documents.

You have the option to automate the process of creating and delivering statements for individual clients. But if you'd prefer to manually create them, that option is always available.


How to Manually Create a Statement 

Head to your client's Billing tab.




Select the date range for the statement you wish to create. Click the +Create button and choose the Statement option.  



A new screen will open that shows your newly created statement and gives you the option to print, email, or download it as a PDF. 

You'll find this statement and all previously created statements stored on the lower right side of your client's billing details page. 



A statement includes all transactions available within a given time frame on the date you create the statement.



IMPORTANT: If you make changes to sessions or payments, be aware that any previously created statements will not reflect these changes automatically.  You will need to create a new statement to include the updated information.


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