How to send intake forms and documents to new clients


Tip: If you are new to SimplePractice, this article explains how to send a sample intake to yourself.

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Once your portal is set up, you can invite new clients to use it. It's easy to create a client and select the forms you wish them to complete via the portal. Here's how:

  1. From the main page: click +Create Create a Session, as shown below.SP-HelpCenter-Screenshots-31.png
  2. From the calendar flyout: click +New Client on the appointment as shown below. clientportal-1.png
  3. Enter the new client's name and contact information, and select Send Client Intake.
  4. Click Add this Client, as shown below. SP-HelpCenter-Screenshots-33.png
  5. Finish scheduling the appointment for this client. You will then be offered the Client Portal drop-down, letting you know that you are about to send intake forms to this client.  
  6. Select the Consent Documents and Questionnaire Forms you wish to send.

How to customize the message to a client

Here is how to customize the welcome message:

  • Go to My Account > Settings > Client Portal > Emails Tab or editing directly from this screen. 
  • Once you complete the appointment creation for this new client, they will receive the Welcome Email with the portal link.

You can also send the Intake invitation from the New Client creation page. Here's how:

  1. Go to +Createelect Create Client. 
  2. Enter the new client's name and contact information, and select Send Client Intake. 
  3. Click Save Client. You will be then be presented with the welcome email to send intake forms as described above. 

Note: Be sure you do not delete the {practice_client_portal_login_link} as that generates the PIN # that the client will use to log in.


Did my client open the intake email?

You can check on whether your new client has opened the email and created a password to the portal by going to your client profile to see if they have opened the email.  If they have not yet opened the email you will see this alert:


You can also check the Communications tab to see if the client has opened the email by going to Client > Edit Client Info > Communication Tab

You can see below "Client Portal Access" that the email was sent, and the client has not yet opened the email.   You can also see the PIN number provided if the client deleted the email by accident. 


How do I resend the Client Portal Access email?

If you need to resend the client portal access email to your client, you can disable their access by clicking the red Disable Access button, then send it again. If you change the email address for the client, you will need to make sure to disable then resend the client portal access email. 

How will I know when my clients complete their intake forms?

When your client has completed all of his pending documents in the client portal, you will receive an email alerting you that the documents are completed.
The client must complete all of the pending documents in order for you to receive this email.  


Important details to know

  • If you did not include a link to the client's demographic information, intake, or practice documents when you first created them, you can simply share these documents with them at any time. Click here to learn how to share documents.
  • If your client has deleted their email with their unique PIN, you can locate this PIN by going to Client > Edit Client Profile > Communication Tab and locating the PIN under "Client Portal Access"
  • You can always disable/re-enable the portal to trigger a new email being sent to your new or existing client. This will change the PIN number the client needs to use to log in for the first time.
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